Empowerment and Unity

Empowering every individual

to become the best version of themself

The mission statement you see here and on the home page is not a random collection of words. In addition to telling you my intentions, it is the North Star of this campaign. As this team makes decisions, we will constantly ask ourselves if they align with our mission. This ensures that we keep the fight focused on empowering people.

Empowerment really is the right word to me, especially at the national level. Has a politician ever swooped down from Capitol Hill and solved all of your problems for you? Yeah, neither will I. And any politician who tells you they will is lying to you. Instead, I will empower you to solve your own problems as only you can decide what you need in your life.

Diversity without division

"Our favorite prejudices are invisible to us. We think they are the truth."


Our news sources, from cable to social media, have become corrupted by the need to compete for people's attention over the endless amount of entertaining content instantly available to us. Because all of our media is profit-driven, news sources have no incentive to tell the truth. By propagandizing and lying about our reality to gain ad revenue, our news media has led Americans to believe negative stereotypes about people of certain identities such as "conservative" and "liberal". This is a poison that is destroying our republic. We must be the antidote, both for others and for ourselves.

This country is vast and our cultures and the people who live here vary greatly, but we're all on the same team. Diversity is the greatest strength of the United States; division is our greatest weakness. I believe we can preserve the former while working to eliminate the latter.

While I will be releasing policy proposals to address this issue legislatively through techniques like federally funding local journalism and free second language courses, we must begin our message of unity now.
Throughout and beyond my campaign, I will host weekly livestreams where I bring on someone who disagrees with me. Then we'll just talk. No screaming. No accusing. Just a conversation between two people who don't agree about a few things. There's a healing that needs to happen, but that won't happen until we remember how to talk to each other again. I want to bring that memory back.

My Four Pillars

There are many kitchen-table issues that I will discuss through this campaign such as universal quality healthcare and ending the drug war, but there are conversations this country needs to have yet has barely begun having. Subject to change as I learn more, I have identified four major ideas to focus on throughout this campaign: Universal Basic Income (UBI), voting systems, government accountability, and unity.


(If "getting money out of politics" jumped into your mind as an idea I should add, I would reply that it's mostly covered by voting systems and government accountability, as the phrase "getting money out of politics" is a bit cliché and stems from a lack of understanding of the nature of our political system and the root causes of its problems.)


My version of UBI will be largely based off Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend and will go by the same name. UBI is the next step we must take to knock down at least one foundational barrier to every problem we've been failing to solve for the last 40+ years.


While the Freedom Dividend is a top-down solution in that it comes from federal legislation and enforcement, voting system change is a bottom-up solution that takes advantage of the diversity and decentralization of American government. It's the classic method for driving change in the US.


Over the last few years, we've seen how the unveiling of the mistakes and carelessness of our representatives has led to effectively zero tangible change in how our government is run. Using a 21st-century approach, we can dramatically improve the accountability of our elected leaders both through the actions of individual representatives and through legislative change.


Division has crippled our country and no one is addressing it. Until we do, there will be no progress. This is the hardest challenge we will face in this campaign, but I believe our fight will be a welcome one. If I accomplish nothing else, I hope to start a snowball effect of relentless patience and kindness for our fellow Americans. We must

Make America Kind Always

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