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Empowerment and Unity

Empowering every individual
to become the best version of themself

The mission statement you see here and on the home page is not a random collection of words. In addition to telling you my intentions, it is the North Star of this campaign. As this team makes decisions, we will constantly ask ourselves if they align with our mission. This ensures that we keep the fight focused on empowering people.

Empowerment really is the right word to me, especially at the national level. Has a politician ever swooped down from Capitol Hill and solved all of your problems for you? Yeah, neither will I. And any politician who tells you they will is lying to you. Instead, I will empower you to solve your own problems as only you can decide what you need in your life.

My Four Pillars

There are many kitchen-table issues that I will discuss throughout this campaign such as healthcare, education, and clean air and water, but there are conversations this country needs to have that have barely begun. My platform has four main pillars that all work together to drive the fundamental change needed align the actions of our government with the needs and desires of the people:

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  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
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