Environmental Recovery

The scale of our environmental crisis is beyond what we can fit in our minds. And there is a survivor bias issue at play as well: all of the people around the world who have died from poor air quality, floods, droughts, famines, heat waves, and natural disasters are no longer around to tell us how bad it is.

The number one issue is obviously carbon in the atmosphere, but we're also dealing with pollution of our rivers, deforestation, micro-plastics in the ocean that end up in our own bodies, and human-caused mass extinction among many, many other problems. To solve all of this will require a humungous amount of work. That means jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Most of it will fit nicely within our current economic system, but some of the work that needs to be done will not have inherent market value in our current economic system. The largest example is the need for artificial carbon capture and geologic sequestration; that is, using solar-powered machines to pull carbon out of the air and storing it deep underground where we got it from in the first place. This is technology that already exists (though it could still use more research and development). Wealthy governments around the world (including the US) need to put forward the resources to address these problems. If we don't pay up today, we'll pay a much higher price tomorrow. The summer when no food grows is coming a lot sooner than we think.

For every job in the fossil fuel industry, there is an equivalent or better job in the same geographical area that needs to be filled and we can give priority for those jobs to people who currently work in the fossil fuel industry. This is largely what is summarized by the Green New Deal (GND). Beyond that, we'll have millions of jobs that need to be filled and fast. And we can't stop there. The US only makes up ~15% of global emissions. We have to develop and manufacture clean energy production equipment at a scale that will allow us to sell it to industrializing nations around the world. If necessary, we'll subsidize this equipment to undercut Chinese coal plant prices.

We have to use every tool at our disposal: economic incentives, regulation, jobs programs, funding for basic research in material, biological, energy, chemistry, marine, and environmental science, etc. If you're looking for a traditional, job-based economic stimulus, saving the planet is the best one I can offer.

As I stated, this problem is unfathomably enormous. Just as with every point on the Policy page, there will be a lot more information in the future on this site about environmental recovery.

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