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Despite what you may believe, most Americans agree that we should be working to reduce abortions. The cool part is that we have all the data we need to know how to do just that. Empowering women and families economically is incredibly helpful, which is part of why the Freedom Dividend is a pillar of my platform. Universal childcare plays into this as well, giving parents security that their current and future children will always have a safe place to go. Comprehensive sex, relationship, and parenting education with free family planning tools for both teens and adults empowers people of all ages to make smart, informed decisions related to sex, pregnancy, birth, and raising children in their present and for their future. Ensuring equal and full access to healthcare, which includes acknowledging and compensating for sex and racial discrepancies, allows families to be confident they’ll get the care they need throughout and beyond pregnancy.

There is, however, one thing we’ve tried that doesn’t reduce abortions: making abortions harder to get. Not unlike Prohibition’s effect on alcohol consumption, criminalizing or severely restricting access to abortions leads to people obtaining it through dangerous means. The data is clear: restricting access to abortions does not reduce abortions — it only turns would-be safe abortions into unsafe abortions.

A country with fewer abortions is possible. It’s rooted in Making America Kind Always.

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