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for US House, TX-35


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Glad to have ya!

Empowering every individual

to become the best version of themself.

I have temporarily suspended this campaign.

Feel free to browse through what I've created here as I consider the best way to move forward.

The beginning of a campaign
focused on unity.

My name is Sass and I’m running for US House of Representatives in Texas. What you will find on this site is a new conversation focused on the humanistic needs of regular people and the structural innovation to empower us all. We are in a moment in history and it’s all aligning right here in Texas — more so than any other state. With the addition of 2 US Congressional seats, Texas has a unique opportunity to show the country, and by proxy the world, that we can shift the cultural and political dynamic with creative solutions that include all people.

For me, it starts with actively listening to people of all kinds and genuinely considering their perspectives. Even in the time I’ve been running, I’ve been humbled by the incredible insights brought before me. While I stand strong in my beliefs, my approach will always evolve as new information crosses my path.

We all need to listen more.
Let's all set the example.

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But why should you care who I am?

I believe you should be convinced by my actions. I strive to show that I care. That I care about people. That I care about you, whoever you are and however you identify. I strive to show that I believe in the power of people, both collectively and as individuals. I believe regular people should be represented by regular people, because that’s who I am: a regular person. My professional skill set is in restaurant work. But then COVID-19 hit.

In no way an exception, I was laid off from both of my serving gigs a day apart from each other in March 2020. While the pandemic was (is) brutal, I had an opportunity to sit with myself for a time I never had before. During the fully-exposed collapse of our country, I realized that I had an opportunity to do something about it. So I am.

Division is crippling America. Propaganda and misinformation is drilled into our heads every day to keep us hating those who are closest to us. The mechanics of our system drive polarity and disconnect us from the people in power who are supposed to serve us and protect our opportunities to thrive. My platform is specifically designed to address these root causes so we can actually begin working together to make progress. If you're tired of having representatives who are stuck in the 20th century, I'll be the breath of fresh air you've been looking for.

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