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Empowering every individual

to become the best version of themself.

The beginning of a campaign

focused on unity.

My name is Sass and you're likely here because I've personally talked to you about this campaign. What you will find on this site is the beginnings of forming a new conversation focused on the humanistic needs of regular people and the structural innovation to empower us all. This entails political division, electoral systems, and accountability in government, among others.

We are in a moment in history and it’s all aligning right here in Texas — more so than any other state. With the addition of 2 US Congressional seats, Texas has a unique opportunity to show the country, and by proxy the world, that we can shift the cultural and political dynamic with creative solutions that include all people.

There's a lot of work to do,

but we need to do it together.

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Genuinely considering

the needs of the people.

Honesty is a core tenet of this campaign. While I personally believe in the power of a Freedom Dividend and universal quality healthcare to give Americans control over their lives again, I find myself inspired and learning every day from fellow Texans who express to me the issues they care about the most. Beginning by actively listening to people of all types, we work together to create solutions that include the needs of everyone, especially when that encompasses both admitting when I don't have all the answers and changing my mind when I'm given new information.

We all need to listen more.

Let's all set the example.

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